The project’s goal is the expansion of the Tamalaki Early Childhood Development Centre with two class rooms and a library. Primary education will be given to 60-80 Masai children in the age of 3 to 6 years old. The ECD Centre is located in the Olochore Onyore area, near to Nairobi in Kenya. The costs of the project are 47.000 euros*.

With the climb of the Kilimanjaro we want to raise money for this project by collecting “friends” and fund raising activities. It is also possible to personally sponsor a participant and there are many more ways to help out!

* If the collected amount of money exceed 47.000 euros, then the money will be used for another project of EducAIDed.

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Why this project?

Education is one of the most important aspects in the development of a country. That is why it is important that children in an early age are stimulated in learning, thinking and playing.

In Kenya, children from the age of seven get the possibility to go to a primary school. However there are few possibilities for development until they are seven years old. Also the quality of primary education in the surroundings of the ECD Centre is insufficient. Many children start primary school with a learning disability and they end up in large classes. There is a big chance these children drop out of school.

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Local materials are used for the construction and local people are recruited. In this way, the economy of the local community is stimulated.

moeders aan het werkA professional teacher and one volunteer is recruited to give lessons. TAK will lead the school together with a board of parents. To ensure the sustainability of the school a tuition fee has to be paid for each child. Parents who have no money, can still let their children go to school in exchange for work they perform for the school.

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Working method EducAIDed

All children anywhere in the world, have a right to education. Education contributes to the development of children and gives them a chance at a better life.

EducAIDed supports educational projects in developing countries. What is special about EducAIDed is that this foundation runs on the strength of only volunteers. EducAIDed receives and evaluates project proposals coming from a local organization in a developing country. Preliminary investigation into the local organization will be done before the establishment of a partnership.

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