Why this project?

Education is one of the most important aspects in the development of a country. That is why it is important that children in an early age are stimulated in learning, thinking and playing.

In Kenya, children from the age of seven get the possibility to go to a primary school. However there are few possibilities for development until they are seven years old. Also the quality of primary education in the surroundings of the ECD Centre is insufficient. Many children start primary school with a learning disability and they end up in large classes. There is a big chance these children drop out of school.

Thanks to the ECD Centre young Masai children get the opportunity to work on their development in a safe environment. They can start well prepared at primary school and increase their chances on a hopeful future.

The Masai are originally a nomadic tribe living on livestock. Because of drought and conflicts their habitat became smaller. These days it is harder for them to survive according to their original lifestyle. Education and other ways of acquiring income are therefore becoming increasingly important.

TAK is a foundation in Kenya that focuses on maintaining peace in vulnerable communities, such as the Masai. The foundation wants mothers to be able to raise their children in a safe environment with sufficient opportunities for development and education. TAK has realized the building of an Early Childhood Development Centre thanks to financial support of EducAIDed. TAK also develops other ways of acquiring income and food together with the Masai community. There are fish ponds constructed, a restaurant has been built and necklaces are being made. Thanks to the ECD Centre the parents can go to work while the development of their children gets a positive impulse.