Working method EducAIDed

All children anywhere in the world, have a right to education. Education contributes to the development of children and gives them a chance at a better life.

EducAIDed supports educational projects in developing countries. What is special about EducAIDed is that this foundation runs on the strength of only volunteers. EducAIDed receives and evaluates project proposals coming from a local organization in a developing country. Preliminary investigation into the local organization will be done before the establishment of a partnership.

This method has the following advantages:

• A project has a greater chance of success when a proposal or idea comes from the local community itself.
• The local community is involved during the execution of the project. By involving them a healthy basis and self-responsibility is created and op top of that, the local economy is stimulated. 
• The local organization has knowledge of the culture and local laws.

Another important requirement of the proposal is sustainability of the project. After completing the project, the local people must be able to continue independently.

With this method EducAIDed has successfully funded several projects in developing countries. Go to the website of EducAIDed for more information on these projects.