Think of an activity!

Support us by thinking of an activity which you can use to help us raise money! 

This is what you could think about: 

  • Firstly, think of what you want to do. What do you like and what is it that you are good at? Where do people want to give their money to?
  • Send us your idea throught the contact form  
  • Tell us what you need for your activity 
  • When are you planning on doing this activity and how many people are involved? Always ask for help at friends, family, colleagues etc. 
  • Start you activity! 
  • Promote it through Social Media. Put it on our Facebook page and use #expeditionkili for Twitter
  • Transfer the raised amount to account number 3279031 in name of Stichting EducAIDed (IBAN: NL79INGB0003279041) citing Expedition Kilimanjaro and give a brief description of the activity 
  • The final amount of money raised will be mentioned on this website