Join the climb!

Accept this challenge and join us in our climb to the top!

By climbing Mount Kilimanjaro you will help raise money to build a primary school in Kenya. Also, you will try to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro which is 5.892 metres high!

©Steven E. Pamp
©Jaroslaw Figiel

Joining us means you commit yourself to the expedition and project of EducAIDed for a certain length of time.

These are the conditions:  

  • You have to train to prepare for the climb. A good physical condition increases the chance of reaching the top.
  • There is a project attached to this climb where you will have to help raise money for. You will do this by getting support of companies, personal sponsoring and help with at least one of the activities.
  • You will be away for 2 weeks in January 2014. The climb will last for a week and you will pay a visit to the project in Kenya.
  • Two weeks in Kenya will cost about 2.000 euros. You will try to raise a maximum amount of 750 euro with help of companies. The expedition will cost you about 1.250 euros. Read more about this method.

The group will contain a maximum of 10 participants. For more information about the expedition, please contact us! Send us an email and share your motivation!