Catching Royal kisses

Expedition Kilimanjaro and EducAIDed were present at the market at the 'singel' in Groningen. We presented a Royal 'Zoenenspel'. For one euro you could catch a Royal kiss! 

 This very advance machine has been used last year as well to raise money for charity on the 'singels' of Groningen on Queensday. You had to throw a football onto a little board, which -when hit- launches a 'zoen' (a cream filled round chocolate ball) which you had to catch. Preferably, with your mouth. It was a good but also messy game! We had a lot of fun! 

We raised 60 euros for the ECD Centre in Kenya and we can officially announce the first raise to be a fact! Thanks everyone for their help! 

Koninklijke zoenen vangen 2